Paint Your Home to Sell

EXTERIOR PAINT BENEFITS The importance of a good first impression on buyers can't be said enough. That first impression on potential buyers have of your home is vital to make sure that the front of your home is as well-presented as possible. You can play around with color by painting the trim a bolder shade, to make your property really pop.

INTERIOR PAINT BENEFITS Making a great first impression with a tidy exterior is important, but the interior of your home should be given special attention. Give your potential buyers a sense of comfort knowing that you have taken good care of the property and that there are no other problems lurking below the surface. We recommend choosing light, neutral colors for both the interior and the exterior of the home. This is because light colors can open up a small space, making it appear brighter and larger.

According to homelight.com, the estimated ROI on an exterior paint job is 51%

According to homelight.com consumer reports, enhancing your exterior, including paint touch-ups, can boost home value by 2-5%.